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Great Halloween Ideas Using Outdated Prom Dresses

July 17, 2015 Sanuk 0

Aged prom dresses are commonly seen in second-hand stores as well as bridesmaid’s outfits. These formal dresses are usually used just once and after that discarded, however you can reuse an outdated prom outfit and give it new life as a Halloween costume. If you are using your own prom attire and would like to preserve it for sentimental aspects, … read more

Halloween Recipes: What’s on Your Halloween Table?

July 10, 2015 Sanuk 0

Halloween happens once a year and this is the only time that you can get away with a snacks and treats that at first sight might appear gross and unappetizing however are excellent to fill the tummy of party goers. I’ve listed a few of my favorite Halloween Snacks and Treats:

1. My first choice is the Bat Sandwich. … read more

Halloween Makeup Removal Tips

July 3, 2015 Sanuk 0
You don't always have to restrict yourself to Halloween makeup that can be removed only with soapy water. But what you use and how you use it can make the job ultra-easy or absurdly difficult. To make your after-Halloween makeup removal chore nearer to the former than the latter, follow some of the strategies utilized by the Hollywood pros.