5 Fun Facts about Halloween

If you are the type of person to ask questions and always curious to know more about things, then this article is for you. Here are some little know facts and trivia about Halloween to amaze and impress your friends.

Halloween is the second most popular holiday celebrated around the world after Christmas. It is now a huge commercial event with many companies making their best sales during this period.

Every year we celebrate Halloween on 31st October by getting dressed up in fancy dress costumes, sending the children out trick or treating and holding a whole host of fantastically themed parties featuring ghosts, ghouls and witches. Some people may have forgotten the true story behind Halloween. Here are some fun facts about the origins of this particular event and why we celebrate it.

What Does Halloween Mean?

Halloween is actually short for Hallows Eve or Hallows Evening. It was a Celtic event which actually celebrated the end of the Pagan year. Even though it was a time of celebration, there was a fear and belief that the spirits of the dead would rise on this evening and cause widespread panic and mayhem.

Why Do We Wear Costumes?

This is also linked with the traditions of the Pagan holidays. It was believed that the prosperity of the new season could be affected due to the appearance of the evil spirits.
People were scared so they would disguise themselves in different types of costumes in order to prevent any evil spirits from being able to recognize them as being human.

What Is the Importance of Bobbing For Apples?

During this period of time, apples were considered very sacred and it was a tradition to honour Pomona, who is the Goddess of fruitful abundance. The origin of the game of bobbing for apples dates from this time. This is where apples are placed in a container of water and people have to try and pick one up without using their hands. It is a very messy but hilarious activity that can be enjoyed by children as well as adults.

What Is the Significance of the Colors Orange & Black?

You may have noticed that the colors used in the majority of Halloween decorations and clothing tend to be predominately orange and black. This is because way back in history orange represented harvest while the colour black represented death and darkness.

Why Do We Carve Pumpkins?

During the Hallows Eve, candles would be placed in hollowed out turnips and used to ward off evil spirits that were thought to have risen from the dead. These were called Jack o Lanterns. When Immigrants arrived in America they continued to celebrate this date and pumpkins became the vegetable of choice. This was because they were more readily available and as they were larger than the average turnip, they were also easier to carve.

These days people create amazing designs using pumpkins, gourds and other types of vegetables. Candles are still used but many people prefer the safety of LED lights especially if they have small children.

So now you know! All your fun Halloween Facts in one place.

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