Beauty and the Beast Halloween Costumes

The famous Walt Disney story of Beauty and the Beast is a wonderful fairytale that became a popular animated film in 1991. When this story was brought to the big screen, it only made Princess Belle become more of a popular Disney character for both young girls and adult women.

Of course the two main characters in the movie are Belle and her initial captive, the Beast. The story is based on a young woman, Belle, who takes her father’s place as prisoner in the Beast’s castle. Little does Belle know that the Beast is under a terrible spell, which can only be broken with true unconditional love. When this happens, his true self as a handsome prince appears.

This love story never gets old and is still a popular costume for Halloween. Costumes are easily available in both child and adult sizes for the main characters. All of the costumes for Belle are in yellow, resembling the romantic dinner she had with the Beast in the movie. In addition, the costume for the Beast is also set on that romantic evening.

Child Belle Costume

The Belle costume for children is sold by many online costume vendors due to its popularity for Halloween, and by Disney Stores. The gown is yellow and fully detailed to resemble the dress worn by Belle on her romantic dinner with the Beast. It is knee length for child safety from tripping.

The dress resembles a gown and is decorated with lace and shimmer. There is a pink sash that ties around the waist. Three pink roses adorn the front of the dress, to indicate the rose that keeps the Beast in his state until he can find love before the last pedal falls.

An off-the-shoulder styling finishes the details of the dress, with yellow elastic straps that go over the shoulders to hold the bodice in place. Extra accessories, such as light-up shoes, a tiara, and a magic wand are also available at an additional charge.

Adult Belle Costume

The adult size Belle costume is a long flowing yellow gown. The gown is too tiered and comes with a wired skirt underneath to make it full. The top is slenderizing with an off-the-shoulder look with puffy sleeves.

The hairstyle with this costume should be an up-do. Your hair should be pulled away from your face and pinned back with flowing curls. If you don’t have long hair, you can always purchase a Belle wig.

The Beast

The Beast costume is an old suit styling. It comes with beige pants that are tucked in to black boots. The costume also includes a white shirt with ruffles in the chest area, and long sleeves that extend from the jacket.

The jacket is the tuxedo fashion, with being short in the front, and long in the back. It is blue in color with silver and gold metallic material around the wrists. Of course, this costume is not complete with the furry face mask and furry gloves to resemble the beastly features.

These costumes are very exciting as they bring back the fairytale to life. If you want to partner dress with someone, this would be a great Halloween idea to fully get into the Disney characters.