Black Widow Costume

The Black Widow character was created by George Kapitan, originally for Mystic Comics, and later published through Marvel Comics. In the original storyline, the Black Widow character kills those that do evil things and then delivers their soul to the Devil. There would end up being four different versions of this superhero when Stan Lee did a recreation for Marvel Comics.

In Stan Lee’s version, the Black Widow was Natalia “Natasha” Alianovna Ramanova. Her parents abandoned her as a child, which seems to be the common theme for many of our superheroes. The character is of Russian decent, and is found by a Russian soldier.

In later years, Natasha grows up to become part of Russia’s KGB and works as a spy due to her excellent physical talents of speed and stamina, and her witty intelligence. She gains the name Black Widow, as coincidentally, her husbands all seem to have accidental deaths.

The Black Widow is featured in The Avengers movie of 2012, and has regained popularity. This superhero is a hot selling item for Halloween costumes.

Children Black Widow Costume

The children costumes for the Black Widow are designed for girls. It comes with a black leotard, black tights, and black boot covers. It doesn’t come with the black wrist bands, but you can simply make your own with black material, black elastic, or black bracelets.

Rubie’s Costume Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Child’s Deluxe Black Widow Costume, Medium (Toy)

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Adult Female Black Widow Costume

For adult females, the costumes range in price from $50 to $155 and come in sizes ranging from small to large only. The elite costume comes with a black jumpsuit, black shoe covers that look like boots, a belt, and black wrist cuffs. You can purchase the red-headed wig and real black boots separately to make this costume more realistic.

The less expensive Black Widow costume comes with a black jumpsuit, but of course you can immediately see the difference in quality as compared to the elite costume. It comes with two belt buckles and two wrist bands. It does not include the boot covers. The boot covers, real boots, and red-headed wig can all be purchased separately.

Rubie’s Women’s Captain America: Civil War Black Widow Costume (Apparel)

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Do It Yourself Black Widow Costume

There is always the option to make your own superhero Black Widow costume to save money or if due to its popularity for Halloween, sizes become limited. All you need is a black fitted jumpsuit, or if you can’t find that, you can buy fitted black pants and a fitted black top. Buy a belt for the waist and a looser belt to go around your hips.

In addition, to complete the look, you can make your own wrist cuffs with black wrist bracelets, black material, or black thick elastic. Also add some black fingerless gloves to complete the look. For the hair, you can use temporary hair dye color that washes out after one use in a red-headed tone. Everyone will definitely recognize you as the Black Widow in this creation for Halloween!