Bruce Lee Costume for Halloween

Although Bruce Lee’s popularity began in the mid-sixties to early seventies, his legacy still lives on in many people today through his introduction of martial arts to the Western society. Born as Lee Jun-fan, he took martial arts on his own path and created Jeet Kune Do.

Due to the popularity and honor still felt towards this exceptional martial artist, he is still kept alive by many fans who opt to dress up like him for Halloween.

He had his first acting debut on television in 1966 on The Green Hornet. He later took it to the big screen and made movies before his sudden death on July 20, 1973. Bruce Lee had three different looks in his movies, and it all depends on what your favorite movie was on deciding on the look you want for Halloween.

Bruce Lee’s Topless Martial Arts Fighting Look

Bruce Lee kept himself very physically fit, and believed in complete nutrition. He stayed away from processed food and ate lots of vegetables and fruits. Bruce Lee also enjoyed different types of training, including weight lifting and lots of abdominal workouts.

If you are in this same shape, you can purchase loose fitting black pants with an elastic or string tie top. The pants should be tapered at the end and have lots of leg room in the thigh area. The look is completed with a black sash, similar to a martial arts belt, which ties around the waist of the pants.

In addition, Bruce Lee was known to use white socks with slip on black, flat shoes for his fighting and regular acting scenes. If you want to take the look further, there are Bruce Lee wigs available in his standard bowl cut, black hair color.

Bruce Lee Costume Three-Piece Suit

Online vendors sell Bruce Lee’s standard three-piece styling suit that he used in many of his fighting scenes on the movie screen. The costume costs approximately $20, and comes in sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large. The costume can also be tailor made to fit any size, including children.

The costume comes with Bruce Lee’s standard loose black pants with an elastic waist band and a black sash to tie around the waist area or top of pants. It comes with a white shirt with Chinese style buttons from top to bottom. The shirt has a high collar and is loose fitting.

A black, long-sleeved jacket covers the white shirt. It has the same button styling from the top to the bottom. The collar is small, about an inch high, and stands straight up. The look can be completed with white socks and black slip on shoes that can be purchased separately.

Bruce Lee Costume Kung Fu Master

This costume only comes in adult sizes and costs an average of $30 from online costume vendors. It resembles Bruce Lee’s movie, Enter the Dragon.

A muscular suit top comes with this costume, which replicates the top fitness level of Bruce Lee and his muscular development, as well as the bloody scratches on the abdomen that was seen in the movie. It comes with the standard loose black pants with an elastic waist and the black sash to tie on the top part of the pants. To add more originality, it also comes with a wig to resemble the hairstyle of Bruce Lee.

If you want to add more flare to your Bruce Lee Costume, the nun chucks, white socks, and black shoes can all be sold separately.