Captain America Halloween Costumes

Captain America is a loved superhero created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby for Marvel Comics. His real name, under the mask of Captain America, is Steve Rogers. His character was given a type of growth serum in the military to turn him from an average male to a type of super soldier who was big, muscular, and strong. His distinctive image is perfect for Halloween costumes this year.

Captain America fights for his country dressed in colors similar to the American flag, in honor of the military that created him. His main suit is a medium blue color, with the center being red and white stripes. Captain America wears a half mask, with small silver wings on both sides of his head. He fights crime not only with his physical strength, but with his indestructible shield.

Captain America has regained his superhero popularity by being part of The Avengers 2012 movie, and has become one of the most popular Halloween costumes. It is so popular that the costume is available for children to adults for both males and females.

Children Captain America Costume

The children’s Captain America costume comes in a regular and deluxe styling, and averages around $30. It comes in sizes ranging from 4 to 12. The regular styling comes with a jumpsuit that resembles Captain America and a helmet with wings. The shield is sold separately, along with the boot covers and red gloves.

The deluxe version of the children’s Captain America costume comes with a muscular top jumpsuit to signify his size and strength. It also comes with a hood style mask with silver wings on each side of the hood. The shield is sold separately, along with the boots.

Adult Male Captain America Costume

The male adult Captain America costume comes in a regular styling, as well as a deluxe version, ranging in price from $30 to $180. The regular style comes with a shirt and mask only, everything else to complete the look, such as the shield, boot, and pants are sold separately.

With the deluxe version of the costume, it includes a muscular jumpsuit with muscles on the chest, arms, and legs. It also comes with a face cap with wings on sides, belt, and boot covers. The shield and gloves are sold separately.

Adult Female Captain American Costume

The adult female costume also comes in teenage sizes that resemble Captain America perfectly. The average cost for the costume is $40, and comes in women sizes of 4 to 14, and junior sizes of 7 to 16.

Both styles come with a blue shirt with red and white stripping in the mid-section and red calf-length tights. The women’s costume comes with boot covers, but the shield and gloves are sold separately. The junior costume comes with a belt, mask, gauntlet, and eye mask with wings.

With the varieties available, the entire family can dress up as Captain America for Halloween. Make your decision quickly for Halloween, as this costume has been designated as the most popular so sizing will become limited quickly.