Great Halloween Ideas Using Outdated Prom Dresses

prom dress zombie

Aged prom dresses are commonly seen in second-hand stores as well as bridesmaid’s outfits. These formal dresses are usually used just once and after that discarded, however you can reuse an outdated prom outfit and give it new life as a Halloween costume. If you are using your own prom attire and would like to preserve it for sentimental aspects, refrain from cutting the gown or wearing heavy makeup, because you might be unable to fix a stained or damaged outfit after Halloween.

prom dress zombieNearly every woman owns a prom dress dangling in her dresser that has been donned on one occasion, and probably cost a lot of money to purchase. It doesn’t matter if your prom occurred in 1975 or 3 years ago; it is a pity to spend that sort of cash on a gown that is going to do practically nothing but accumulate dirt. Breathe a little life back into your prom frock by incorporating it into this season’s Halloween costume.

Ms. America

Come up with a pageant sash with a size of three-inch-wide lace. Drape the lace over one arm and cut it so the ends meet at your waistline on the opposite side of your body. Paint Ms. America or the name of your choosing on the ribbon with fabric paints. Sew the ends of the lace together to form the sash and hang it over the prom outfit for a pageant-winning halloween costume. Add a shiny tiara to complete the effect.

Undead Prom Princess

If you don’t care about ruining the prom gown, think about dressing up as a zombie prom queen. Tear the dress at the bottom as well as across the sleeves to give it a tattered look without fear of revealing yourself during the night. Use white-colored or pale makeup to your facial area as well as any other exposed skin. Purple eye liner placed on your lip area is going to provide a cold, dead look, and dark-colored eye liner smeared underneath your eyes is going to give your face a sunken look. Put artificial blood to the dress and at the corners of your mouth as well as eyes. Put on a tiara or concoct a narrative about being involved in a vehicular accident on your way to the prom.

Masquerade Outfit

Buy a masquerade face mask to suit your prom dress or create your very own, by using basic face mask forms bought at craft shops. These masks are usually constructed of paper or plastic and are often white-colored, even though you might manage to acquire colored or metallic face masks. Adorn the masks with paint, sequins, feathers as well as beads. Most masks will usually have an elastic band fastened so that you could simply don the face mask hands-free; otherwise, you could fasten the mask to an ornamented wooden dowel and hold it in front of your face. Keep in mind that if you choose to create a face mask on a stick, you would need to carry it throughout the night, which might end up tiresome right after several hours.

Old prom dresses doesn’t have to reside in your drawer. Use your imagination and make use of it as a costume for halloween. Imagine the amazement of the individuals once they see exactly what you’ve done with your prom outfit as well as exactly how you’ve turn it into a horrifying Halloween costume.

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