Halloween Drinks for Adults To Get The Party Started

When you are organizing a Halloween party, you want to make sure that all the food and drink that you have on offer follows the theme of the event. There are some great drinks that you can create that will have your guests wondering exactly what they are in for. Here are a few examples of the sort of beverages you could offer your friends and family.

There are two things that you have to get right when you are concocting Halloween themed drinks. It has to look wonderfully scary but it must also taste really good.

A Cauldron of Witches Brew

To make up a batch of witches brew, you can choose whatever type of beverages you like. A great choice would be a sangria mix, which is a combination of red wine, orange juice and soda water. Add slices of apple, oranges and lemons to the mix. In order to make this look like a real cauldron of bubbling liquid, it is definitely a good idea to get some food grade dry ice. This is carbon dioxide which gives off a harmless smoke like gas as it starts to melt and will look fabulous as you use a ladle to pour out each glass of punch.

Order a Sample of True Blood

If you are a fan of the television show True Blood, which is about vampires and other worldly beings, you could actually purchase bottles of True Blood. This is the drink that vampires consume as an acceptable alternative to drinking human blood. This would be a perfect choice if you are expecting Dracula and a whole load of vampires to turn up on your doorstep!

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Bug Infested Jello Shots for All

If you were ever a student then this could bring back some great memories. Jello shots are easy to make and you can choose to add alcohol or not. You just need to purchase the jelly or gelatine mix and follow the instructions on the packet. The jelly comes in a range of bright fluorescent colors that are perfect for any party atmosphere. To add the bugs you can use raisins or gummy worms and spiders. Simply add to the mixture before you put it in the fridge to set.

Muddy Swamp Water Punch

Another drink that will look like you siphoned it from the swamp is a drink that resembles liquid mud. It may sound evil but it is quite tasty. To create this drink, mix together some Irish cream with a slug of cold coffee and some ice. You can decide how strong you want to make each portion but you will only want to serve it in shot glasses as it could be quite intoxicating. To complete the garnish of this muddy swamp water punch, add a handful of chocolate cocoa pops on top. This will add more color as well as a crunchy mud like texture as you knock back your glass.

To ensure that your Halloween party is a fun event for all, make sure that the ghoulish Halloween drinks for adults keep on flowing throughout the night and your guests will have one hell of a time. Happy Halloween!