Make your own Halloween Skeleton Costume

There are numerous scary things at Halloween, but none as scary as the Halloween skeleton clothing. It seems that lots of people, both young and old, are attracted to the skeleton. Just the idea of visible bones is what frightens a lot of people. As a result, the Skeleton Costumes are a popular choice for Halloween fancy dress.

It is really effortless to make your very own skeleton costume. A lot of individuals purchase costumes every year, however with the rising expenses these days, it is less costly to take a few minutes of time and make your very own. It just takes a couple of supplies and some creativity to fashion your own designer Halloween skeleton clothing. Doing it this way is also more fun than simply buying it off the rack.

Take any sort of black shirt you might have laying around and let this become your base for the costume. This can be a t-shirt or a sweatshirt. Whatever plain black shirt you have will work. If you do not have a black one, navy blue works just as well. You can easily make a full skeleton costume by adding a pair of black pants, such as sweat pants. Pieces of cardboard and white chalk, or white cloth are additional materials you will need.

Once you have your supplies, you can easily get started making your Halloween skeleton costume. Cut the cardboard to fit inside the arms of the shirt, if you have selected a long sleeved one. Another piece of cardboard should be cut to fit inside the chest of the shirt. When the cardboard is inside the shirt, lay it on a flat area. Usage your white chalk or fabric chalk to draw bones on the shirt. If you happen to be doing this for a youngster, let this be a learning experience by describing what bones go where as you are drawing them. Even if you aren’t an artist, this will certainly still be fun.

The bones you will want to make sure to feature are the neck bones, back bones, ribs, and potentially the hip bones. You can easily include gloves to the costume if you wish, and draw in finger bones. The design for your Halloween skeleton is limited just by your creativity.

Not only is this clothing rather spooky, however it can be made on the spur of the moment. It is one that can be worn for Trick or Treating, or to an adult party. So, it is fairly flexible. To round off the clothing, you have the choice of either painting your face white, or using a straightforward white mask.

When you opt to make your costume appearance, you will understand that it was not expensive to make and it will certainly be just the right size. That’s even more of a reason to produce your own Halloween skeleton clothing.

Buying A Halloween Skeleton Costume

If you don’t have time to make your own Halloween Skeleton Costume, you can always buy one. Here are some examples: