Hawkeye Halloween Costume

The Hawkeye superhero was created by Stan Lee for Marvel Comics. Hawkeye, whose alter ego is that of Clint Barton, first appeared on the movie screen in the Thor movie of 2011. This superhero is also in The Avengers movie released in 2012, reintroducing this character to the public once again and making him a popular choice for Halloween.

Hawkeye actually started out as a villain, before becoming a superhero. The character of Clint Barton grew up as an orphan who performed at carnivals, which is where he learned his excellent archery skills.

As his character develops, Hawkeye is at the wrong place at the wrong time and is falsely accused of robbery. He then goes into hiding where he meets another superhero, the Black Widow. They both work together in stealing information from Stark Industry. Black Widow soon leaves Hawkeye, where he decides to return to good.

His character is now a popular Halloween costume for both children and adults, due to his re-entry into society in the movie The Avengers. Due to this popularity, many online vendors are already out of stock on this costume.

Adult Male Hawkeye Costumes

The cost of the Hawkeye adult male costumes range in price from $50 to $65 and can easily be found through many online costume outlets. It comes in one size suiting, with a vest, leg straps, gauntlet, gloves, and boot covers.

To complete the look, real black boots, black pants, and an archery set are sold separately. To make the Hawkeye costume realistic, the archery set is the most popular item that is bought separately. This costume does not come in sizes and styling for females.

Children Hawkeye Costumes

Although said to be available online, many costume vendors do not have the Hawkeye costume in stock. If you are fortunate to find a children’s costume, it does come with dark sleeveless shirt, dark pants, boot covers, black straps for around the legs, and a toy archery set.

Make Your own Hawkeye Costume

Just because the quantities are limited at vendors for this costume, and do not come in female styles, you do have the option of creating your own costume. All you need is to buy a black plain t-shirt and cut off the sleeves, along with plain black pants.

Right there you have the basic outfit of Hawkeye. Get some black straps for around your legs for added details, and purchase a toy archery set. You can also make your own archery set out of cardboard, which you can paint black and add a strap to place across your body. It will take some time to create your own Hawkeye Halloween costume, but you have the luxury of making it a perfect fit for you, while still representing the great superhero, Hawkeye.