Monster High Halloween Costume

Monster High is a line of dolls created by one of the largest toy makers, Mattel. The dolls were released in the market in July of 2010, where it has evolved to its own website and games. They are hugely popular with kids, and no doubt many will be asking to dress up as their favorite character for Halloween!

These dolls are the descendants of well-known monsters, but unlike their parents or relatives, they are very fashionable in their unique styles. The dolls are available in both female and male versions, and are very popular with young children.

The popularity of these fashionable monster dolls makes it a hot item for unique Halloween costumes. Due to the dolls’ creativity in their fashion, it gives you a wide-range of ideas to developing your original costume for Halloween.

Monster High Halloween Costumes

Some of the main Monster High dolls are descendants from well-known monsters throughout history of horror movies, making them perfect for the spooky season!

Lagoona Blue

Monster High Lagoona Blue Costume – One Color – Medium (Toy)

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Lagoona Blue is the daughter of the monster of the sea. She has teal colored skin, green eyes, and yellow and blue hair. A fish scale design hat with fins on each side gives this doll more character. Her fashionable outfit is teal in color, with a pink top covered with a black and teal jacket.

The fashion continues with high teal net leggings and a teal and black mini skirt. The outfit is accessorized with black and white slip on sandals, and fins on both wrists.


Ghoulia Yelps

Monster High Ghoulia Yelps Costume – Medium (Toy)

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Ghoulia Yelps is a descendent of the zombies. Her skin is a pale gray, and her hair is blue. She adorns herself in stylish red and black clothing and white horn-rimmed glasses.

This doll wears red capri pants, and a red and white striped shirt that has quarter sleeves. The rest of the sleeves are made out of black lace. The doll also has knee high boots that are predominately black with red lace up the front of the boot.

The style of this doll is further decorated with red nail polish and small red earrings.


Frankie Stein

Monster High Frankie Stein Costume – One Color – Medium (Toy)

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The daughter of Frankenstein, Frankie Stein has the same stitches all over her body and bolts in her neck. Her skin color is green, and her hair is black and white with the front of her hair pulled back away from her face.

This doll wears a plaid mini dress with black lace underneath the skirt. The top of the dress has black lace sleeves to compliment the dress. High heal black and white sandals complement the dress, and red lipstick finishes the look.



Monster High Draculaura Costume – Small (Toy)

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The doll, Draculaura, is the daughter of Dracula. She is pale pink in skin color and has pink and black striped hair worn in low ponytails with bangs. Her pink skin is complimented with bright pink lipstick.

The outfit worn is a long sleeve purple blouse with matching purple tights, underneath a white mini skirt with black lace on the bottom. It is complimented with knee high pink boots with black lace. Her accessories include a pink and black umbrella with a skull on the tip.


Clawdeen Wolf

Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Costume – One Color – Medium (Toy)

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Clawdeen Wolf is the daughter of a werewolf. She is darkly covered in fur and has werewolf pointy ears. Each ear has two earring piercings. Her ears are surrounded by long, wavy auburn colored hair.

She wears a purple mini skirt with black lace extending from underneath. A pink and silver shiny blouse is worn with the mini skirt, which is then covered with a purple long sleeve jacket with purple fur on the collar. The accessories for this outfit are a dog collar and a necklace.