Sherlock Holmes Halloween Costumes

The latest Sherlock Holmes movie, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, was released in 2011. This film modernizes the look of Sherlock Holmes completely, giving some fresh ideas for Halloween costumes, but keeps his sidekick, Dr. Watson at almost the same costume styling.

This American-British film is a crime adventure genre mixed with lots of action and mystery. The new movie release keeps the adventure alive of the original character of Sherlock Holmes, even though the costume design is more modernized.

Many of the ready-made Sherlock Holmes costumes are of the original styling, which may be more recognizable by others for Halloween. Despite there are no modern Sherlock Holmes costumes available online for Halloween, you can still be creative and create your own.

Adult Sherlock Holmes Costume (original style)

The original styling of the Sherlock Holmes costume is readily available from online costume retailers, averaging $30. It comes in one standard size, as the original look was a heavy coat style and matching hat.

The costume is a heavy-duty brown polyester coat that is long, coming to the tops of the feet. It has long sleeves and a capelet that attaches to the front at chest level. The main coat is closed with Velcro and comes with a matching brown deerstalker cap.

Black pants, black shoes, a long, curled up smoking pipe, black gloves, and a magnifying glass can be purchased separately to complete the distinctive well-known styling of Sherlock Holmes.


Adult Sherlock Holmes Costume (modern style)

There are no online vendors that sell a complete modern style Sherlock Holmes costume; however, you can use your imagination and creativity to create this costume yourself. You will need a long white or striped undershirt, vest of any color you choose, long jacket that is black or a dark purplish color, a neckcloth tie, and pants that are brown, dark gray in color, or striped.

The jacket can also be of corduroy material, or whatever is easy for you to find at a thrift shop. The clothes should not be ironed, but have a more worn look. It also includes a brown belt, and brown or black shoes.

The look is accessorized with a short pipe, black small medium size hat, and round dark sunglasses. In addition, the modern style Sherlock Holmes wears an unshaven look. This can also be accomplished with some Halloween makeup. The hair is tussled and not combed into any neat style.

This modern look can also be done for young children if they want to dress similar to the new Sherlock Holmes movies; however it is easier to find the older styling.

Adult Female Sherlock Holmes Costume

Adult Doctor Watson Costume

The Dr. Watson costume is easier to locate online, because its styling hasn’t changed much from the original. It does come only in adult styling.

The costume comes with a top hat, waling cane, vest, long tie, gray or black jacket, white shirt, and vest suit, which are covered with a brown tweed jacket. It also comes with black gloves for approximately $40.