The Amazing Spider-Man Halloween Costumes

Spider-man made a return to movie theaters in 2012, with a new design and new inspiration for Halloween outfits! Spider-man is a superhero created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko for Marvel Comics, and this is the fourth Spider-man movie released.

This movie is based more on the original comic character. The main character, Peter Parker, remains the same as in past Spider-man movies; however, the plot on how he has his powers is based on the original comic including his determination to find out about the death of his parents.

One major difference with this movie is that the spider webs that come out of the wrist are actually wrist guns invented by Peter Parker. In older Spider-man movies, the webbing came directly out of the wrists itself. This exciting film for all ages has made the Spider-man Halloween costume already very popular.

Child Spiderman Costume

The child costume is almost identical to the Spider-man character in “The Amazing Spider-man” movie. It is a dark blue overall color, with red through the middle of the chest and down the tops of the arms. The jumpsuit styling comes with a muscular chest and arms built in to the jumpsuit.

The costume also comes with a full hood mask; however, the boot covers and gloves are sold separately. The sizing is from 2T to 4T and 4/6 to 14/16, and averages about $30 to $40. The toddler sizes have a half hooded mask. For a costume that glows in the dark on the red spots, including the yellowish eyes, the price of the costume jumps up to $50.

Child accessories are sold separately. It includes a web shooter wrist cuffs that glows red in the dark. This can be a great safety feature for young children.

Teen Spiderman Deluxe Size Costume

The teen deluxe Spider-man costume comes in sizes medium to extra large and costs an average of $120. The costume is a full fitting jumpsuit styling with realistic looking muscular chest, shoulders, and arms.

Deluxe costumes come with everything to complete the look, including the full jumpsuit to make it appear that you have boots and gloves. The mask is also included with the costume.

Adult Male Spiderman Costume

The adult deluxe Spider-man costume ranges in size from 42-46 and costs on average about $160. The Halloween costume is a jumpsuit styling with a hooded mask. Its main color is blue, with a red chest and red upper arms, which blends into the hooded mask.

The hands and feet are enclosed in this costume, so boots and gloves do not need to be purchased separately. The only difference with this suit is that the main color is a lighter shade of blue, compared to the Spider-man character in the movie.

Lower Priced Options

The Disguise Costumes The Amazing Spider-Man 3D Movie Classic Adult Costume ranges in price from $26 to $59. The less expensive Halloween costume is a jumpsuit, which is dark blue with red through the chest and tops of arms. It also includes the full hooded mask.

The gloves are sold separately. For the boots, you can easily purchase the boots separately, or opt for a cheaper version and use red socks that match perfectly to the costume. The costume also comes in plus sizes for $60, with the same styling.