Hulk Halloween Costumes

The Hulk is one of the original Marvel Comics’ superheroes created in 1962 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The first television series of The Hulk was featured from 1978 to 1982. Actor Bill Bixby played Dr. Bruce Banner, and professional bodybuilder, Lou Ferrigno placed the Hulk.

The storyline of The Hulk centers around Dr. Bruce Banner being exposed to radiation from a gama exposure. When he gets angry, he turns into the green, very muscular, Hulk. Although the story lines of The Hulk have changed over the years, one factor remains the same, and that is the exposure of the gama.

The Hulk made its latest comeback in the Avengers movie in 2012, and is one of the most popular Halloween costumes this Halloween. You can either make your own costume, or purchase an already made costume from many online costume vendors.

Retail Children and Infant Hulk Halloween Costumes

Infant Hulk costumes come in a jumpsuit style, which is green in color and comfortable for ages 12 to 18 months.

For older children, sizes 4-12, the costume is also a jumpsuit style, but add the extra padding for the appearance of a muscular chest. It also comes with a green mask. The average cost is $19.

Retail Adult Hulk Halloween Costumes

Adult Hulk costumes range in price from $59 to $750. The lower priced adult costume comes with a bodysuit with a muscular upper body and legs, as well as a full mask. The large hands can be purchased separately. Adult sizes also comes in plus sizes.

The deluxe edition is the most realistic to the Hulk featured in the latest Avengers movie of 2012 and The Hulk movie of 2008. This costume comes with large suit with muscular legs, arms, hands, chest, and feet. It also comes with a realistic mask.

Due to its popularity, it is recommended that if you are planning to be the Hulk for Halloween, you may want to consider purchasing your costume early. The Hulk Halloween costumes are selling quickly in the smaller sizes.

Make Your Own Hulk Halloween Costume

For adults or young teenagers and children who want to be the popular Hulk for Halloween, they can simply make your own costume. First get a white t-shirt and tear or cut it so it looks shredded. Next, get an old pair of jeans, and cut them off just below the knees and tear the bottoms of the jeans slightly.

To obtain the green skin color, you can buy non-toxic green body paint from either a local drug store or craft store, which you can paint your entire body. For the hair, get some stiff gel and rub through hair to make it stick straight and appear stringy. If you have curly hair, you may need to flat iron your hair first. This costume can be for both males and females.

The Avengers movie of 2012 has brought back the original superheroes from the Marvel Comics. The Hulk has evolved from it’s original on screen portrayal to a much larger creature, but despite the years that this superhero has been around, he still is popular amongst the children and adults.